С головы до ног [s golovy do nog] - from clew to earing

fully, entirely, from all sides. For example: to examine somebody, to wet (about rain).

С закрытыми глазами [s zakrytymi glazami] - standing on one's head

blindly, by touch, by guess-work, at random, without looking. An expression is used when someone can do something without looking. It means that a person knows how to do something wery well, almost automatically.

С легким сердцем [s legkim serdtsem] - with an easy mind

without regrets, without premonition, without anxiety, without fear.

С маху [s makhu] - off-hand

strongly, with all one’s might, smash, unexpectedly strong, having taken a swing.

С открытыми глазами [s otkrytymi glazami] - with open eyes

consciously, expressly, purposely, intentionally, deliberately.

С пеленок [s pelenok] - from the cradle

from early childhood, to learn how to do something early.

С первого взгляда [s pervogo vzglyada] - at a glance

at once, fast, with lightning speed. An expression is often used when somebody falls in love as soon as he sees the person.

С пылу с жару [s pylu s zharu] - piping hot

just cooked, something completely new, fresh, just created.

С точностью часового механизма [s tochnost`yu chasovogo mekhanizma] - regular as clockwork

very precisely, exactly, in the smallest details.

С тяжелым сердцем [s tyazhelym serdtsem] - with a heavy heart

anxiously, reluctantly, against one’s will, unwillingly.

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