Kseniya Barsegyan

Kseniya Barsegyan

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Kseniya Barsegyan

Hello, my name is Kseniya!

I was born and grew up in Moscow. Being auniversity undergraduate I started teaching Russian as a foreign language. Myfirst experience as a teacher was in Pushkin State Institute of RussianLanguage, I taught students from South Korea.  It has become a part of meand a way of life, that’s why after finishing university I decided to dedicatemyself to teaching Russian for foreigners.

In 2012 I have successfully completed my Master degreeas a teacher of Russian for foreigners. Last year of my Master course I spentin South Korea. Being a teacher at Russian Department in Chung-Ang University,I also studied Korean.

I have been teaching Russianfor 5 years at Pusnkin Institute. I worked with the different age-groups of foreigners(age-range from 14 to 65) from different countries such as Austria, German,France, Poland, USA, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, etc.

I really enjoy what I amdoing, as find myself capable of getting students introduced into Russianculture and extending my knowledge of other peoples life. 

I provide “Russian as a foreign language” for those who wish to studyRussian as a foreign language for work and for business, for everyday life andfor communication, for job or just for pleasure.

All teaching material is selected on account of your psychologicalfeatures, objectives, motivation, language level and skills, time you have atyour disposal, and above all your own suggestions.

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