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Григорий Перельман

Знаменитые люди России, рождённые сегодня:
Famous people of Russia born today:
13 июня [iyùnya] (June) 1966

Григорий Перельман. Grigori Perelman
выдающийся российский математик, первым доказавший гипотезу Пуанкаре.is a Russian mathematician who has made landmark contributions to Riemannian geometry and geometric topology.

He is the man who solved the most important and difficult open problems in topology, who was awarded the Fields Medal, called "Breakthrough of the Year" (the first such recognition in the area of mathematics) and was announced to had met the criteria to receive the first Clay Millennium Prize.

But SURPRISINGLY for everyone in the World, Perelman declined to accept the Fields Medal or to appear at the congress, stating: "I'm not interested in money or fame, I don't want to be on display like an animal in a zoo."

After that he turned down the prize of ONE MILLION DOLLARS, saying that he considers his contribution to the problem to be no greater than that of Richard Hamilton, another mathematician of that area.
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Российский спортсмен Сергей Устюгов стал победителем скиатлона на чемпионате мира по лыжным видам спорта в финском Лахти. Победитель «Тур де Ски» 2017 года преодолел дистанцию в 15 км классическим стилем и 15 км вольным за 1:09:16

The Russian athlete Sergey Ustyugov won the skiathlon world Championship in Finnish Lahti. The winner of the "Tour de Ski" 2017 overcame a distance of 15 km in classical style and 15 km in freestyle in 1:09:16
В Москве более ста тысяч семей по фамилии Ивановы [v Maskv'e bol'ee sta tys'ach sim'ej pa fam'il'ii ivanovy] - There are more then a hundred thousand families with the surname Ivanov in Moscow
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Еще одна хорошая новость! Россиянин Павел выиграл чемпионат мира по 'Hearthstone' на BlizzCon 2016! В этом году призовой фонд Blizzard составил миллион долларов. И россиянин Павел 'Pavel' Бельтюков забирает $250,000 за первое место. Поздравляем!

More good news! Russia's Pavel Wins BlizzCon's 2016 'Hearthstone' World Championship! Blizzard dumped a million dollars into the prize pool this year, and taking home the $250,000 first place cut is Russia's Pavel 'Pavel' Beltukov. Congratulations!
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Отличные новости! Известный голливудский актёр Стивен Сигал получил российское гражданство. Россиян стало больше!

Great news! Famous Hollywood actor Steven Seagal has been granted Russian citizenship. Now we have more Russians!
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