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Ruspeach – Russian for foreigners

Ruspeach is an online Russian Language learning resource. Everyday we help people to learn Russian. We have everything for you to start right now!

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  • Dialogues

    Study dialogues with sound and comics.

  • Test games

    Play, gather peaches and open new dialogues with sound and comics.

  • Phrases

    Find vocalized Russian phrases for any situation.

  • Club

    Communicate in a social network with people, who are interested in Russian language.


    Practice taking an international TORFL exam on Russian language proficiency.

  • Store

    Enhance your capabilities. Buy more games, dialogues and tests.

  • Posts

    Fresh posts with pictures, sound and tags

  • Podcasts

    Vocalized works of great Russian classics and modern authors

  • Idioms

    Idioms are phrases that have a special meaning and cannot be taken literally

  • Proverbs

    Proverb is a simple and concrete saying, popularly known and repeated

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