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Hi there! My name is Zarrina and I am a teacher of English and Russian languages. I really love my job and always try to create interesting lessons for my students.
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How to pronounce Russian letters "Ь", "Ы", "Ц", "Щ" in a proper way
Noun. Feminine nouns
Noun gender. Masculine and neuter gender
Noun gender. Common gender
Colors in Russian and peculiarities of gender declension
How to describe a room or adverbs of place in Russian
Personal pronouns and the word "Вы" (Vy) which confuses foreigners
Nouns which have only singular and only plural forms
What is an adjective and its agreement with a noun
Possessive Pronouns in Russian language
The basic rules of forming plural nouns
Days of the week in Russian
Days of the week in Russian. Their meanings
Most common and necessary adjectives
Declension of personal pronouns. The singular number
How to describe person's appearance in Russian. Description of a face
How to pronounce Russian sounds correctly. Sounds Ш [SH] and Ж [ZH]
Сегодня (today), завтра (tomorrow), вчера (yesterday). Words indicating time in Russian
Usage of the verbs expressing desire or request according to a context. Contextual verbs
Difference between the words «звать» and «называться»
Adverbs of place. Adverbs of place with the questions «где» and «куда»
Correct usage of the verbs «идти» and «ехать»
Adjective. Long and short forms
Reflexive pronouns
How to express in Russian the possession of something in the present
How to express in Russian the possession of something in the past
Comparative adjectives in the Russian language
Comparative adjectives. Simple and compound
Adverbs "сколько стоит?", "сколько времени?", "как долго?"
How to ask questions in Russian language without question words
Future simple tense in Russian
Declension of the word "мыло" in Russian. Plural form
How to use the words "спасение" and "прощение" after the verb "просить" correctly
Indeclinable nouns or how to avoid the mistakes in the endings of such words
Interchange (changing) of suffixes in a word stem of nouns
Declension of plural nouns
Endings of nouns of 2 and 3 declensions. How to avoid mistakes
Noun declension. How to avoid mistakes in endings of nouns of 1 declension
Declension of numerals in Russian. Round numerals
When to use the soft sign in verbs with -тся
Types of adverbs. Circumstantial adverbs
Verbs of motion and their meanings. Their proper usage in Russian
How to deal with the stress in Russian verbs. Past tense
Little secrets of Russian verbs or three important tenses
The phrase "до скольки" or "до скольких". What is more correct?
Declension of surnames and names in Russian
Aspects of verbs. Perfective and imperfective aspects
Conjugation of verbs in Russian. Basic rules
Declension of numerals. Cardinal numerals
Reflexive verbs in Russian
How to describe a person's appearance in Russian. Detailed description
How to tell about ourselves in Russian or the most important phrases and expressions for foreigners to tell about oneself
Prepositions in Russia and their meaning
How to describe your day and your affairs in Russian
Such important mood or everything about verbs in Russian
Prepositions used with the interrogative word "Куда"
Verbs of motion without prefixes
Basic verbs of motion formed with the help of prefixes
Basic verbs of motion derived from prefixes. Derivatives from the verb "бежать"
Double negation in Russian
Prepositions "у", "вокруг","недалеко от", "около"
Phrases with the words "сколько", "как" and "что"
Such difficult dative case and the preposition "по"
Unusual and challenging prepositional case
Exceptions related to the prepositional case but which have other endings
Verbs followed by nouns in the prepositional case
Why Russians use the letter "е" instead of "ё" in writing. Can it be a mistake?
How to make up a story about your family or talk about relatives
How to express belonging in Russian
How to express belonging in the future tense
Why do we need the word "есть"? How to express belonging in Russian
Such various time or how to use words denoting time, months and seasons in speech correctly
Indicate month and year in Russian with the word "когда"
Execution can not, be pardoned or what words expressing ban and permission we have in Russian
How to ask a person for permission in Russian
Obligations or the word "должен"
Why do we need the word "нужно" in Russian?
Some ways to make up sentences for expressing emotions and conditions in Russian
How to describe the place or house where you live
Professions in Russian. The most common professions in beauty industry
Professions related to repair, assembly and operation of different kinds of equipment
Professions for both men and women
Important words for conversation about work in Russian
Basic phrases needed for study at Russian universities
School dictionary or Russian words about school
Simple letter "у" in prepositional case of the Russian language
Preposition "на" + means of transport in Russian
Structure: Dative case +"надо" + verb or shopping
Formation of the verbs "болеть/заболеть" in the present, future and past tenses
Forms of the verbs "пить/выпить" in Russian
Verbs "есть/съесть" in Russian speech or how to eat correctly
How to use Russian verbs correctly. The verb "спать"
What should you do, if you get sick or the verb "простудиться"
Verb "ждать" or waiting for someone or something in Russian
Combination of a noun in instrumental/genitive case with several verbs. Making word-combinations
Different and at the same time similar verbs "готовить or приготовить"
How to congratulate someone in Russian
How to congratulate, who and on what event? Verb "поздравить"
Some adjectives to describe work
Two different words but similar mistakes. ВестИ and вЕсти
Correct and incorrect, how to use the word "выходные"
How to make an order or everything about food
Verbs necessary for the description of actions taking place in a room
Antonyms or words with the opposite meaning
Types of buildings or how to count floors
Basic verbs for the description of an area
Russian verbs "быть", "побывать", "побыть", "побить" and "бывать"
Verbs connected with the construction of something (building, object or area)
How to make a word-combination or a sentence in Russian
Means of transport, how to leave and arrive at the place of destination
Verbs for certain means of transport
Cunning letter "ь" or foreigners' mistakes in pronunciation
How to get to the place of destination or verbs of motion
Explain in Russian how to get to any place
How to deal with money or the most important verbs
How to buy clothes or basic words necessary for renewing our wardrobe
How to use a short form of adjectives to describe clothes. Basic examples
Verbs with figurative meaning which describe clothes
Difference between the verbs "интересоваться" and "увлекаться". Telling about our preferences
How to make up a story about hobbies or what we like to do
Features of adjectives derived from a person's name
The strangest nouns according to foreigners
Cunning soft sign, some rules of usage
How to distinguish the particles "не" and "ни" in Russian
What is "союз" and why we need it in our speech
How to teach your children the Russian language at home
Odd words that every foreigner should memorize and learn
Characters of Russian fairy tales and where you can meet them in modern speech
Three foreign words often used in the Russian language
What to do if you get sick? Basic structures describing sickness

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