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Professions related to repair, assembly and operation of different kinds of equipment

Hello, dear student! Today I would like to continue our learning of professions in Russian. The professions, which we will talk about, are mainly suited to men.

1. Слесарь - a mechanic

Слесарь [slesar'] a locksmith/ a mechanic - is a profession related to repair and disrepair of different objects, for example, in sanitary engineering (plumbing), telecommunication or electrical systems.

Сантехника [santekhnika] plumbing - is the sphere which includes tubes and equipment in a bathroom, lavatory or in the kitchen.

Телекоммуникация [tilikamunikatsiya] telecommunication - is a kind of communication; for example, the Internet, radio, telephones are all means of telecommunication.

2. Электрик - an electrician

Электрик [Ekhlektrik] an electrician - is a profession related to mending, repair and replacement of electric equipment. For example, when light bulb or wires are burned out, we usually call an electrician to repair or replace them.

3. Сантехник - a plumber

Сантехник [santekhnik] a plumber - a person who does a job connected to such systems as, for example, sewerage, ventilation and heating.

Канализация [kanalizatsiya] sewerage - mainly, includes repair of tubes, lavatory pans, bath and showing-baths.

Вентиляция [vintilyatsiya] ventilation - is the system of air-cooling, air-heating or sometimes air-cleaning.

Отопление [ataplenie] heating - is the system of heating in our house or buildings.

4. Водитель - a driver

Водитель [vaditel'] a driver - is a worker who's related to cars, he drives people away to the point of destination or, on the contrary, brings them from somewhere. To become a driver, you should complete training and get a certain certificate - водительское удостоверение [vaditel'skae udastaverenie] or водительские права [vaditel'skie prava] - driver's license

5. Мастер по ремонту машин - a car serviceman

It is very common profession that sometimes does not require any approval of your knowledge with documents. A serviceman repairs cars, replaces equipment, clean cars and, mainly, works in automobile dealership, service stations, garage workshops or private housing.

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