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Чем чёрт не шутит
[chem chyort ne shutit]
- you can never tell
What it means: everything can happen, even when it is not expected and when it seems to be impossible.
Черепашьим шагом
[cherepash`im shagom]
- at a snail's gallop
What it means: too slow, sluggishly. It is used when someone does something too slow.
Черный список
[chernyj spisok]
- black list
What it means: a list of people who for whatever reason are out of favour with any person
Чёрт возьми!
[chyort voz`mi!]
- Oh, damn!
What it means: not at any price! nothing will come out of it! An interjection which expresses displeasure or sharp disagreement.
Чёрта с два!
[chyorta s dva!]
- like hell
What it means: nothing of the kind. An expression is used for a sharp disagreement with something.
Чесать языком
[chesat` yazykom]
- cut up touches
What it means: to chat, to gossip, to talk nonsense. An expression has a negative connotation and means that someone talks too much, often instead of doing useful things
Честное слово!
[chestnoe slovo!]
- as I live and breathe
What it means: the truth, necessarily. An expression is used when someone promises to do something necessarily or when he wants to convince the interlocutor that he tells the truth
Читать между строк
[chitat` mezhdu strok]
- to reed between the lines
What it means: To guess what has not been said; to understand the hidden meaning of words
Чудеса в решете
[chudesa v reshete]
- a turn-up for the book
What it means: implausibly, inexplicably, surprisingly, fantastic. It is used when it is difficult to believe what someone tells.
Чуть свет
[chut` svet]
- to be up with the lark
What it means: very early, at dawn, with sunrise. It is said when someone wakes up and starts any activity very early in the morning
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