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How much money do you need to spend to learn a new language?

How much money do you need to spend to learn a new language? The answer to this question depends on the strategy you choose.

If you choose to study at the schools abroad, you will have to spend about 1000$ a month, if you take private classes with an instructor, it will cost upwards of 100$ a week, but if you study with the Ruspeach program – you will only spend 8$ a month!

You may also choose the exchange program where you teach someone your native language while the other person teaches you his or hers in exchange. This is absolutely free. However, experience has shown that this way the knowledge acquisition is slow and not as productive in comparison with individual study using well prepared materials.

Ruspeach suggests an effective way of learning the essential basics of the Russian language. With this program, you can learn Russian by yourself! Just use the following algorithm:

1. Download an .mp3 audio file with a vocalized Dialogue from the website and listen to it (3 days, minimum 1 hour a day).

2. Look through complimentary comics and keep listening to the audio of the dialogue (3 days, minimum 1 hour a day).

3. At this stage, read the dialogue and get to know its translation, learn all the words of the dialogue (3 days, minimum 1 hour a day).

4. Keep listening to the dialogue, learn all its phrases and words by heart. Start accurately repeating the dialogue’s phrases trying to copy the intonation and pronunciation of the speakers (3 days, minimum 1 hour a day).

5. Continue with steps 1-4 and start taking the tests for the studied dialogue. For each correctly passed test you get a certain amount of peaches (scores). If you successfully pass all the tests, you can proceed to the next dialogue (3 days, minimum 1 hour a day).

  • 1+2+3+4+5: Take the tests
  • 1+2+3+4: Repeat the dialogue after speakers
  • 1+2+3: Get to know the translation
  • 1+2: Look through the comics
  • 1: Listen to a dialogue

15 days ≈ 1 dialogue ≈ 60 words

8$ = 1 month
≈ 2 dialogues ≈ 120 words

  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn

96$ = 12 months
≈ 24 dialogues ≈ 1500 words *

* The amount of words of the Basic level of TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) is 1300

Remember, you are paying for the monthly subscription. The harder you study, the more material you will be able to cover for that money! This means that you can save money as you learn. This can become a great stimulus, which some people need so much during self-studies. As a reward for successfully completed dialogues, you will get free bonus games.

What are the benefits of learning Russian using Ruspeach materials?

  • There is no excess noise – only Russian speech. 
  • Learning and repeating the dialogues frequently allows the formation of a Russian accent, as well as the tempo and intonation of colloquial Russian speech. 
  • By using the comics, you can better comprehend the situation without having to translate the words into your native language, which allows for situational appropriation and future practical use. 
  • The game tests, used to control the study of the dialogue, help quicken the memorization process. Successful completion of the tests shows you that you have mastered the material and are ready to move on to another level - the next dialogue.

If your monthly subscription hasn’t ended by the time you are finished with the dialogue, you can carry on with the next dialogue for free; just download the next available one and repeat the algorithm described above.

It requires about 25-30 dialogues to develop essential Russian language skills. If you are interested in understanding Russian speech and in learning how to speak Russian, then you can reach that goal in 12-15 months with Ruspeach materials. If you are ready to pay 8$ a month, then do not waste any more time and start right now, all the necessary materials are already there for you.

Start right now! Simply pay for the monthly subscription, study, play and enjoy learning Russian language.

Having spent only 100$ a year, you will have learned Basic level of TORFL in full. In addition, you will be able to speak and understand proper Russian. The decision is yours, go ahead!

A gift from Ruspeach - first two dialogues are free!

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