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Гадкий утенок
[gadkij utenok]
- ugly duckling
What it means: unlike others, not as like as the others.
Гладить по головке
[gladit` po golovke]
- to pat on the back
What it means: to praise, to connive, to indulge.
Гладить против шерсти
[gladit` protiv shersti]
- to rub the wrong way
What it means: to puzzle, to contradict, to sidetrack.
Глаза полезли на лоб
[glaza polezli na lob]
- one's eyes stand out of one's head
What it means: a state of bewilderment or stupefaction.
Глаза разгорелись
[glaza razgorelis`]
- one's mouth waters
What it means: to take a fancy for something, someone saw something and wanted to have it.
Глазом не моргнуть
[glazom ne morgnut`]
- not to turn a hair
What it means: to do something without any doubts, waverings, to do something with all one’s confidence and vigour.
Глупый как пробка
[glupyj kak probka]
- silly as a two-bob watch
What it means: a narrow-minded person, uneducated, one-track mind.
Глухой как пень
[glukhoj kak pen`]
- deaf as an adder
What it means: completely deaf, a person, who doesn’t hear anything.
Гнать в три шеи
[gnat` v tri shei]
- to give someone the brush
What it means: to pitch out, to turn somebody out of doors, to hunt away roughly.
Гнать волну
[gnat` volnu]
- to make waves
What it means: to whip up tension, to fuss for nothing, to worry beforehand.
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