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О вкусах не спорят [O vkusakh ne sporyat] - Tastes are not argued (from Latin "De gustibus non est disputandum")

To each his own.

Обещанного три года ждут [Obeshhannogo tri goda zhdut] - They wait three years for what was promised

Jam tomorrow.

Обжегшись на молоке, дуют на воду [Obzhegshis' na moloke, duyut na vodu] - The one who got burned by hot milk, blows on water

Once bitten, twice shy.

Овчинка выделки не стоит [Ovchinka vydelki ne stoit] - The lambskin is not worth the currying

The game isn't worth the candle.

Один в поле не воин [Odin v pole ne voin] - Single man in a field is not a warrior

One can not conquer alone.

Один раз соврешь, другой - не поверят [Odin raz sovresh', drugoj - ne poveryat]

Once lain, who will believe you?

Один с сошкой- семеро с ложкой [Odin s soshkoj- semero s lozhkoj] - For every one with a plow -- there're seven with a spoon

With the cultivator he is alone, but those who eat are many.

Один сын - не сын, два сына - полсына, три сына - сын [Odin syn - ne syn, dva syna - polsyna, tri syna - syn] - One son is not a son, two sons are half a son, three sons are a son
Одна голова- хорошо, а две- лучше [Odna golova- khorosho, a dve- luchshe] - One head is good; two heads are better

Two heads are better than one.

Одна женщина — баба, две бабы — базар, три — ярмарка [Odna zhenshhina — baba, dve baby — bazar, tri — yarmarka]

Three women and a goose make a marketplace.

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