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У бабы волос долог, да ум короток [U baby volos dolog, da um korotok] - Woman's hair is long, and mind is short

Experienced is not he who is old, but he, who's seen it all.

У всякого Павла своя правда [U vsyakogo Pavla svoya pravda] - Every Paul has his own truth
У дурака долго деньги не держатся [U duraka dolgo den'gi ne derzhatsya] - Money doesn't stay long with a fool

A fool and his money are soon parted.

У злой Натальи все люди канальи [U zloj Natal'i vse lyudi kanal'i] - For angry Nataly all the people are rascals
У каждого червяка есть слабое место [U kazhdogo chervyaka est' slaboe mesto]

Every worm has his weak point.

У каждой медали есть обратная сторона [U kazhdoj medali est' obratnaya storona]

Every medal has its reverse.

У семи нянек дитя без глазу [U semi nyanek ditya bez glazu] - Seven nannies make a kid not looked after

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

У страха глаза велики [U stràkha glazà velikì] - Fear has large eyes

Fear hath a hundred eyes; Cowards die many times before their death.

said about a person who sees danger where there is none, gives way to fear without reason

Убыток- уму прибыток [Ubytok- umu pribytok] - A loss is a gain for mind

Winning is earning, losing is learning.

Уговор дороже денег [Ugovor dorozhe deneg] - The agreement is worth more then money

A bargain is a bargain.

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