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Каждый встречный
[kazhdyj vstrechnyj]
- every Tom
What it means: anyone, everyone, no matter who.
Как бельмо в глазу
[kak bel`mo v glazu]
- a thorn in one's side
What it means: some kind of obstacle, something insuperable, that does not give a moment’s peace.
Как в воду кануть
[kak v vodu kanut`]
- to disappear into the blue
What it means: to be missing, not to let somebody hear from one, not to bring a message about oneself.
Как в воду опущенный
[kak v vodu opushhennyj]
- in the dumps
What it means: very mournful, a person, who lost hope, downcast, dispirited, sad, depressed.
Как в темном лесу
[kak v temnom lesu]
- it's Greek to someone
What it means: not to understand what is happening, to be not familiar with the topic of conversation.
Как вкопанный
[kak vkopannyj]
- as if rooted to the ground
What it means: to stop in one’s tracks, to stop motionless, to stop short.
Как говориться
[kak govorit`sya]
- as the story goes
What it means: as people say in this case, as is said in this or that situation.
Как гром среди ясного неба
[kak grom sredi yasnogo neba]
- out of a blue sky
What it means: to happen suddenly, to occur or sound unexpectedly, without being planned.
Как две капли воды
[kak dve kapli vody]
- as like as peas
What it means: very alike, two for two, like twins.
Как красная тряпка для быка
[kak krasnaya tryapka dlya byka]
- like a red rag to a bull
What it means: an unpleasant thing, which provokes a person for irritation or anger.
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