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Мальчик для битья
[mal`chik dlya bit`ya]
- whipping boy
What it means: a person who pays for someone else’s guilt.
Манна небесная
[manna nebesnaya]
- pennies from heaven
What it means: amenities that go to someone easily, welfare, fallen out of the sky.
Марать руки
[marat` ruki]
- to dirty one's hands
What it means: there is no sense to engage something, it's no use undertaking some task.
Мастер на все руки
[master na vse ruki]
- Jack of all trades
What it means: a specialist in many fields, a person with gifted hands, the one, who knows how to do everything.
Мастер своего дела
[master svoego dela]
- good workman
What it means: ace, professional, expert, specialist in one’s own business.
Махнуть рукой
[makhnut` rukoj]
- to kiss something goodbye
What it means: to refuse something, to stop going in for something, to stop to pay attention to something.
Между молотом и наковальней
[mezhdu molotom i nakoval`nej]
- between a rock and a hard place
What it means: to be in a dangerous position, to be between two fires, between two dangers on different sides.
Между нами говоря
[mezhdu nami govorya]
- off the record
What it means: tete-a-tete, cheek-by –jowl, among intimates.
Мелкая сошка
[melkaya soshka]
- small potato
What it means: insignificant person, a person of little mark, a person who doesn’t hold high position or status.
Мерить взглядом
[merit` vzglyadom]
- to eye from head to foot
What it means: to estimate, to look closely, to gaze.
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