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Обводить вокруг пальца
[obvodit` vokrug pal`tsa]
- to take over
What it means: to deceive, to outwit, to get to windward of somebody in something.
Обдавать холодом
[obdavat` kholodom]
- to put the chill on somebody
What it means: to show contempt for somebody, to show arrogance.
Обжечь себе пальцы
[obzhech` sebe pal`tsy]
- to burn one's fingers
What it means: to harm yourself in risky occupation.
Ободрать как липку
[obodrat` kak lipku]
- to pluck a pigeon
What it means: to rob, to depredate, to take something, to beg for money.
Оборотная сторона медали
[oborotnaya storona medali]
- the other side of the coin
What it means: unpleasant part of some action or event, often hidden.
Обретать второе дыхание
[obretat` vtoroe dykhanie]
- to get one's second wind
What it means: to recover, to find new forces while doing something.
Одним махом
[odnim makhom]
- at one go
What it means: at one time, quickly, at once. To do something at one stroke, that means quickly and at one time.
Одним словом
[odnim slovom]
- in a word
What it means: in short, briefly.
Одного поля ягода
[odnogo polya yagoda]
- birds of a feather
What it means: identical with character and outlook, alike, have a lot in common.
Одному Богу известно
[odnomu bogu izvestno]
- God knows
What it means: unknown to nobody, obscure.
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