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Хвататься за соломинку
[khvatat`sya za solominku]
- to catch at a straw
What it means: to try by any means to get out of a difficult situation, to save the situation, to use any chance to improve the situation for the better
Хватить через край
[khvatit` cherez kraj]
- to lay it on
What it means: to do or to say something hastily and rashly, to go beyond all bounds and conventional, to outrage all socially accepted decency or measures.
Хлеб насущный
[khleb nasushhnyj]
- daily bread
What it means: something vital, without which it is impossible to live, a thing of paramount importance
Ходить вокруг да около
[khodit` vokrug da okolo]
- to beat about the bush
What it means: to talk hints, not to call a spade a spade.
Ходить на задних лапках
[khodit` na zadnikh lapkakh]
- to dance attendance upon somebody
What it means: to obey someone unquestioningly, to please someone, to do all the moods, to comply.
Ходить по кругу
[khodit` po krugu]
- to go round in a circle
What it means: to perform the same actions and errors, not to find a correct solution to the problem, or a way out of difficult situations.
Хозяин своего слова
[khozyain svoego slova]
- a man of his word
What it means: A responsible person who can be trusted. A person who keeps his word and fulfils his promises.
Хоть глаз выколи
[khot` glaz vykoli]
- black as hell
What it means: too dark, you can see nothing.
Хоть святых выноси
[khot` svyatykh vynosi]
- enough to try the patience of a saint
What it means: it is said about something very rude and obscene. An expression refers to bad actions and words.
Хохотать до упаду
[khokhotat` do upadu]
- to split a gut
What it means: to laugh strongly, to laugh without stopping, to laugh out loudly, to laugh to tears
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