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На верху блаженства
[na verkhu blazhenstva]
- to float on a cloud
What it means: to be very happy, satisfied with life, to be supremely happy.
На вес золота
[na ves zolota]
- good as gold
What it means: something very expensive, priceless.
На всякий случай
[na vsyakij sluchaj]
- just in case
What it means: to be safe, for an emergency case.
на глазах
[na glazàkh]
- about someone's ears
What it means: very fast, openly, in full view, before one’s eyes.
На голову выше
[na golovu vyshe]
- a cut above somebody
What it means: to precede, to occupy higher position, to have higher status or to be higher.
На голом месте
[na golom meste]
- from scratch
What it means: all of sudden, obscuredly wherefrom.
На каждом шагу
[na kazhdom shagu]
- at every turn
What it means: everywhere, far and wide, pretty often.
На коленях
[na kolenyakh]
- on bended knees
What it means: to be subordinate to somebody, to kneel in sign of admitting one’s guilt.
На месте
[na meste]
- in proper place
What it means: to be placed where something has to be.
На ногах
[na nogakh]
- to be on one's feet
What it means: to occupy a high post, a vantage-point.
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