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Так и надо
[tak i nado]
- that's the stuff
What it means: An expression is used when confirming that something needs to be done like that, because this is the way it is done.
Так или иначе
[tak ili inache]
- one way or another
What it means: everyhow, by any and all means. An expression is used, when something is necessarily needed to be done by all means.
Такие вот дела
[takie vot dela]
- a fairy story
What it means: It is said about situation, which is hard to be influenced.
Там и тут
[tam i tut]
- to be light-handed
What it means: to manage to do many affairs, to keep eyes on the ball.
Таскать каштаны из огня
[taskat` kashtany iz ognya]
- to pull the chestnuts out of fire
What it means: to perform someone else’s dangerous or hard work, putting yourself in jeopardy. An expression has certain humbling sense concerning the one, who takes risks and does risky job instead of somebody else.
Творить чудеса
[tvorit` chudesa]
- to do marvels
What it means: to do something impossible in a good sense, to know how to do somethimg grand out of nothing
Терять голову
[teryat` golovu]
- to lose one's head
What it means: to play the wild, to act foolishly, out of accord with customary norms. A person can lose one’s head because of love or grief
Терять дар речи
[teryat` dar rechi]
- to be unable to find one's tongue
What it means: to become numb, to lose the ability to speak, for example, because of fright or surprise
Терять из виду
[teryat` iz vidu]
- to lose the sight of somebody/something
What it means: to hear no news about person, to hear nothing about him for some time, not to see him
Терять лицо
[teryat` litso]
- to lose face
What it means: to make an ill act, to do something, that casts a slur, to perform unusual for a person actions
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