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В бегах
[v begakh]
- on the lam
What it means: to abscond, to be absent, to dally off something, to be in the middle of nowhere.
В глубине души
[v glubine dushi]
- at the bottom of one's heart
What it means: inside, internally, heartily, inly, in secret (about thoughts, about feelings).
В здравом уме
[v zdravom ume]
- in one's right mind
What it means: of sound mind and memory, in adequate state, bearing responsibility for one’s actions or words.
В интересном положении
[v interesnom polozhenii]
- in a delicate state of health
What it means: to be pregnant, to be expecting, to expect a little stranger.
В кулаке
[v kulake]
- to hold in one's fist
What it means: to have in leash, to bend someone to one’s will, to lead someone harshly.
В курсе дела
[v kurse dela]
- to get into the swing of things
What it means: versed, knowledgeable, informed about the topic. An expression is used to show that a person is familiar with all nuances of some business.
В лицо
[v litso]
- into face
What it means: in the eyes of somebody, face to face, personally. An expression is used when telling somebody unpleasant things personally, looking in the eyes.
В лучшем случае
[v luchshem sluchae]
- at the best
What it means: at most, maximum, under favourable conditions.
В любом случае
[v lyubom sluchae]
- by all means
What it means: one way or another, certainly, necessarily, in any circumstances.
В мгновение ока
[v mgnovenie oka]
- in the twinkling of an eye
What it means: fast, flash-like, instantly, in the shortest possible time.
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