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What to do if you get sick? Basic structures describing sickness

Hello, dear student! Today I would like to write about such important topic as health and sickness.

Недомогания [Nidamaganiya] Malaise/sickness - the state, when we feel sick and discomfort.

Let's look at some structures to express our feelings concerning health.

- Я заболела [Ya zabalela] I got sick (for female) - the phrase used by women

- Я заболел [Ya zabalel] I got sick (for male) - the phrase used by men

Я заболел (а) + чем? (noun in the instrumental case)

Я заболел(а) гриппом (чем? The noun "грипп" - in the instrumental case "гриппом") [Ya zabolel(a) gripam] - I have caught the flu

Я заболел (а) пневмонией [Ya zabalela pnifmaniej] - I have got pneumonia

У меня болит + что? (noun in the nominative case)

У меня болит голова [U minya balit galava] - I have a headache

У Сергея болит нога [U Sirgeya balit naga] - Sergei's leg hurts

Меня тошнит [Minya tashnit] - I am sick/I feel sick

Мне плохо [Mne plokha] - I am sick

Please, pay attention to the colloquial phrase, which means that a person will throw up, i.e. he feels sick and everything he has in his stomack can go outside through his mouth. You can often hear the following phrase in Russian: "Меня сейчас вырвет" [Minya sechas vyrvit] - I feel like throwing up.

У меня рвота [U minya rvota] I have vomiting - it's the same but it describes the process itself.

Let's look at some more phrases which will be useful for you to explain a person your state:

У меня болит живот [U minya balit zhivot] - I have a stomachache

У меня болит горло [U minya balit gorla] - I have a sore throat

У меня астма [U minya asma] - I have asthma

Астма [Asma] Asthma - the illness when a person coughs very much and starts gasping.

У меня аллергия на какой-то продукт [U minya alirgiya na kakoj-ta pradukt] - I am allergic to kind of product.

У меня бессонница [U minya bisonitsa] - I have insomnia

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