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Some adjectives to describe work

Hello, dear student! There are a lot of workers and students among readers and learners of our language, who are seeking for a job. Today I'd like to devote this article to adjectives, which will help to describe work. They will be useful for interviews and making résumés.

1. Лёгкая/ тяжёлая работа [Lyokhkaya/ tizhyolaya rabota] - Easy/hard work

Easy work can bring joy but sometimes becomes boring. Easy work is usually for people, who are not able to have full-time jobs because, for example, they have baby or any disability.

Лёгкая работа - всегда в радость [Lyokhkaya rabota - fsigda v radast'] - Easy work is always for pleasure

Hard or difficult work - in my opinion, any work is difficult itself but people, who do manual work or for example, surgeons, who operate several times a day, have the hardest work.

У космонавтов всегда тяжёлая работа [U kasmanaftaf fsigda tizhyolaya rabota] - Cosmonauts always have hard work

2. Высокооплачиваемая работа [vysako'aplachivaimaya rabota] a high-salary job - is the place, where a person earns big money for his/her work
Рита мечтает о высокооплачиваемой работе [Rita michtaet a visako'aplachivaimaj rabote] - Rita dreams about high-salary job

3. Низкооплачиваемая работа [nizka'aplachivaimaya rabota] - low-paid job/work

Most people work at places, where they get not enough amount of money, it is called a low-paid job.

Мой друг нашёл низкооплачиваемую работу и радуется, как ненормальный [Moj drug nashyol nizka aplachivaimuyu rabotu i raduitsya kak ninarmal'nyj] - My friend has found a low-paid job and is happy as an idiot.

4. Работа на полный рабочий день [Rabota na polnyj rabochij den'] - A full-time job

People in our country usually have 8-hours work timetable, for example from 9.00 a.m. till 18.00 (6.00 p.m.)
У неё полный рабочий день,теперь она готовит проект на завтра [U niyo polnyj rabochij den', tiper' ana gatovit praekt na zaftra] - She has a full-time job, and she is preparing the project for tomorrow.

5. Неполный рабочий день [Ni polnyj rabochij den'] - A short-time job

Many people have such job, and there are lot of reasons for that, for example, freelancers, women on maternity leave, some teachers.

Нам требуется работник на неполный график [Nam trebuitsya rabotnik na nipolnyj grafik] - We are looking for employee for a short-time job.

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