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How to use a short form of adjectives to describe clothes. Basic examples

Hello, dear student! I have written an article on short adjectives a long time ago, so if you have missed it, I recommend you to find and look at this interesting topic. Today I would like to give consideration to the topic on clothes and use here some short adjectives.

Мал [mal] small - a short adjective, which is used for the description of clothes of masculine gender, small clothes, for example:

Не носи этот пиджак, он тебе мал! [Ni nasi ekhtat pitzhak, on tibe mal!] - Don't wear this suit, it seems small to you

Мала [Mala] small - a short adjective, which is derived from the word "маленький" and used for clothes of feminine gender, for example:

Юбка очень некрасиво сидела на Тане и казалась ей мала [Yupka ochin' nekrasiva sidela na Tane i kazalas' ej mala] - The skirt didn't suit Tanya and seemed to be small to her.

The verb "сидела" (lireally - sat; юбка - a skirt) has a figurative meaning in this sentence, i.e. a skirt is not able to sit - it means here that a skirt doesn't suit Tanya, she feels uncomfortably in it and it is obvious for surrounding people.

Малы [Maly] small for plural - a short form of the adjective "маленький" used for the description of things (in plural form), for example:

Ира натёрла ноги до крови, эти туфли оказались ей малы [Ira natyorla nogi da kravi, ekhti tufli akazalis' ej maly] - Ira chafed her feet to the blood, these shoes were small to her.

And here are some more words, which are referred to short adjectives, try to match them with the nouns in appropriate gender:

Брюки - клёш свободны в движении [Bryuki - klyosh svabodny f dvizhenii] - Flared trousers are non-tightening when one moves.

Кольцо с алмазом оказалось велико Диане [Kal'tso s almazam akazalas' viliko Diane] - The ring with the diamond was too big for Diana

Шарф был прелестным, но оказался узок. Соня любила широкие платки [Sharf byl prilesnym, no akazalsya uzak. Sonya lyubila shirokie platki] - The scarf was lovely, but seemed too tight. Sonya was in love with broad ones.

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