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How to Order a Warming Drink right, or ''One More'' in Russian

Attention to all the students, learning Russian as a foreign language, waiters and cafe, restaurant and pub attendants! Remember it once and for all, regardless of language and fashion trends, КОФЕ is a noun of masculine gender. We should order: ещё ОДИН КОФЕ! /one more coffee/
Cocoa, more soothing in its flavor and toning properties, is always of a neuter gender. "Принесите, пожалуйста, ОДНО КАКАО!" /Bring me one cocoa, please/. Whiskey is an alcohol beverage, therefore it possesses ambiguous properties. It is used both in masculine and neuter gender, both pure and dilute. "Бармен, ещё ОДИН (ОДНО) ВИСКИ, пожалуйста!" /Bartender, one more whiskey, please!/
Speak correctly in any condition and leave generous tips for literate waiters!

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