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"Чей туфля?"

Good morning everyone!Today we offer some useful information to those studying Russian as a foreign language. It may also come in handy to our Russian speaking fellows who use Russian on a daily basis in everyday life and professionally. A famous Soviet character put it in a well-known movie line "чей туфля?" asking incorrectly whose shoe it was.

Let's make it clear! "Туфля" is a femenine noun (with a stress on У, tU-flya), the plural is "туфли" (tU-fli). If used in the genetive case, the correct form is "туфель" (tU-fel') and never "туфлЕй" (tu-flEy). When used in the prepositional case the correct form is "тУфлях" (tU-flyakh), not "туфлЯх" (tu-flYAh). Ignore the provocative salespeople offering you "пару прекрасных туфлЕй" (again, tu-flEy) or claiming that you're going to be comfortable "в этих туфлЯх" (tu-flYAkh). Anyway, keep your shoes (тУфли) safe, take care of those shoes (о тУфлях), and never lose your shoes (своих тУфель) no matter what happens to you!

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