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How to congratulate, who and on what event? Verb "поздравить"

Hello, dear student! We continue our topic on congratulations and holidays. In this article we will talk about the correct usage of the verb "поздравить"

Поздравить/поздравлять [Pazdravit'/pazdravlyat'] - to congratulate (on)/ congratulating (on)

Let's look, how to use this verb depending on tense and aspect:

Present tense

Imperfective aspect

Я поздравляю [ya pazdravlyayu] I congratulate (on)
Ты поздравляешь [ty pazdravlyaish] You congratulate (on)
Он, она поздравляет [On, ana pazdravlyait] He, she congratulates (on)
Мы поздравляем [My pazdravlyaim] We congratulate (on)
Вы поздравляете [Vy pazdravlyaite] You (plural) congratulate (on)
Они поздравляют [Ani pazdravlyayut] They congratulate (on)
Мы поздравляем своих друзей с Новым Годом [my pazdravlyaim svaikh druzej s Novym Godam] - We congratulate our friends on New Year

There is no perfective aspect in the present tense, that's why we do not use the verb in this form.

Past tense

Imperfective aspect

Я, ты, он поздравлял [ya, ty, on pazdravlyal] I, you, he congratulated (on)
Я, ты, она поздравляла [ya, ty, ana pazdravlyala] I, you, she, congratulated (on)
Мы, вы, они поздравляли [my, vy, ani pazdravlyali] We, you (plural), they congratulated (on)

Perfective aspect

Я, ты, он поздравил [ya, ty, on pazdravil] I, you, he have/has congratulated (on)
Я, ты, она поздравила [ya, ty, ana pazdravila] I, you, she have/has congratulated (on)
Мы, вы, они поздравили [my, vy, ani pazdravili] We, you (plural), they have congratulated (on)
Серёжа, ты поздравил её? [Seryozha, ty pazdravil eyo?] - Seryozha, have you congratulated her?
Он всегда поздравлял свою учительницу на первое сентября [On fsigda pazdravlyal svayu uchitel'nitsu na pervae sintyabrya] - He always congratulated his teacher on September first.

Future tense

Imperfective aspect

Я буду поздравлять [Ya budu pazdravlyat'] I will congratulate (on)
Ты будешь поздравлять [Ty budish pazdravlyat'] You will congratulate (on)
Он, она будет поздравлять [On, ana budit pazdravlyat'] He, she will congratulate (on)
Мы будем поздравлять [My budim pazdravlyat'] We will congratulate (on)
Вы будете поздравлять [Vy budite pazdravlyat'] You (plural) will congratulate (on)
Они будут поздравлять [Ani budut pazdravlyat'] They will congratulate (on)

Perfective aspect

Я поздравлю [ya pazdravlyu] I will congratulate (on)
Ты поздравишь [ty pazdravish'] You will congratulate (on)
Он, она поздравит [on, ana pazdravit] He, she will congratulate (on)
Мы поздравим [my pazdravim] We will congratulate (on)
Вы поздравите [vy pazdravite] You (plural) will congratulate (on)
Они поздравят [Ani pazdravyat] They will congratulate (on)

Регина поздравит его завтра, когда поедет в школу [Rigina pazdravit ivo zavtra, kagda paedit f shkolu] - Regina will congratulate him tomorrow, when she will go to school
Мы будем поздравлять маму вечером [My budim pazdravlyat' mamu vecheram] - We will congratulate our mother in the evening.

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