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How to tell about ourselves in Russian or the most important phrases and expressions for foreigners to tell about oneself

Hello, dear student! Today we will try to say a few words about ourselves, beloved and wonderful:) Foreigners or people, who learn the Russian language, very often confuse when someone asks them to tell something about themselves. To avoid such confusion, you should extend your vocabulary and know the rules of the formation of Russian sentences and, of course, train and practise a lot!

I suppose, you should begin your story with the information about your name and age, for example:

Меня зовут Андрей, мне 20 лет [Menya zavut Andrej, mne dvatsat' let] - My name is Andrei, I am 20.


Моё имя Андрей и мне двадцать лет [Mayo imya Andrej i mne dvatsat' let] - I am Andrei and I am 20 eyars old.

After you have said your name and age, people are usually interested in your profession, study or hobby - what you like doing in your spare time.

Я работаю врачом в местной больнице [Ya rabotayu v mesnaj bal'nitse] - I work as a doctor in local hospital.

Я пока не работаю, я учусь в университете на втором курсе и изучаю литературу [Ya paka ni rabotayu, ya uchus' v universitete na ftarom kurse i izuchayu literaturu] - I don't work yet, I study at the university on my second course and learn literature.

Мое хобби - психология и изучение языков [Mayo hobi - psihalogiya i izuchenie yazykov] - My hobby is phsycology and learning foreign languages.

Then you can add some words about your origin, the place where you live and something about your family. Let's look what phrases to use better:

Я приехала из Индии и сейчас живу в России, в городе Екатеринбург. Я живу в общежитии с остальными студентами, а моя семья осталась в Индии [Ya priehala iz Indii i sijchas zhivu v Rasii, v gorade Ekatirinburg. Ya zhivu v abshizhytii s astal'nymi studentami, a maya sim'ya astalas' v Indii] - I came from India and now I live in Russia, in Ekaterenburg city. I live in dormitory with other students, but my family is in India.

Оля родом из маленького города на севере Латвии, но сейчас она работает в Москве и все время говорит со своей семьей по скайпу, т.к. ее родители живут в Латвии [Olya rodam iz malen'kava gorada na severe Latvii, no sichas ana rabotaet v Maskve i fsyo vremya gavarit sa svaej simyoj po skajpu, tak kak yeyo raditeli zhivut v Latvii] - Olya is from small town on the north of Latvia, but she works in Moscow now and all the time she speaks with her family via Skype, as her parents live in Latvia.

Моей родиной является Вьетнам, моя семья живет в маленьком городе, а я приехала в Россию, чтобы поступить в университет. Сейчас я снимаю квартиру в Москве [Maej rodinaj yavlyaitsya V'etnam, maya simya zhivyot v malin'kam gorade, a ya priekhala v Rasiyu, shtoby pastupit' v universitet. Sichas ya snimayu kvartiru v Maskve] - My motherland is Vietnam, my family lives in a smallish town there, and I came to Russia to apply for the university. Now I rent an appartment/flat in Moscow.

To desribe your hobby, you can use the following phrases:

Читать книги [Chitat' knigi] - To read books
Ходить с друзьями гулять [Khadit' s druzyami gulyat'] - To go for a walk with friends
Смотреть фильмы [Smatret' fil'my] - To watch films/movies
Слушать музыку [Slushat' muziku] - To listen to music
Петь песни [ Pet' pesni] - To sing songs
Фотографировать природу [Fatagrafiravat' prirodu] - To take photos/pictures (of nature)

Now let's look at the ways how to add these phrases to a sentence:

Иногда я люблю ходить гулять с друзьями, а в плохую погоду люблю читать книги или смотреть интересные фильмы. Мне очень нравится музыка, поэтому я люблю петь песни [Inagda ya lyublyu gulyat' s druzyami, a f plakhuyu pagodu lyublyu chitat' knigi ili smatret' interesnye filmy. Mne ochen' nravitsya muzyka, paekhtamu ya lyublyu pet' pesni] - Sometimes I love to hang out with my friends, but if the weather is bad, I prefer reading books or watching interesting movies. I am into the music that is why I enjoy singing.

If we combine all the phrases which we have discussed in this article, we will get quite good short story about ourselves which gives your interlocuter a chance to know you better or help you to answer this or that question. For example:

Меня зовут Катя и я с России, я приехала из Перми. Мне 19 лет и я очень хочу поступить в университет. Сейчас я живу в общежитии. Я люблю читать книги, веселиться с друзьями, смотреть хорошие фильмы и фотографировать природу [Minya zavut Katya i ya s Rasii, ya priekhala iz Per'mi. Mne devitnatsat' let i ya ochen' khachu pastupit' v universitet. Sichas ya zhivu v abshezhitii. Ya lyublyu chitat' knigi, viselitsya s druzyami, smatret' kharoshie fil'my i fatagrafiravat' prirodu] - My name is Katya, I'm from Russia, I came from Perm. I'm 19 and I want to enter the university very much. Now I live in a dorm. I like reading books, having fun with my friends, watch movies and taking pictures of nature.

So this is the story we get. Try to write your own story and tell it to your friends.

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