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Basic verbs for the description of an area

Hello, dear student! Today we will learn how to orientate in cities and areas, try to ask questions and formulate correct answers, using different verbs.

To describe any action in a city, for example, in Moscow, we can say the following:

Москва расположена так, что когда идешь по некоторым улицам, создается ощущение, что взбираешься в горы [Maskva raspalozhina tak, shto kagda idyosh pa nekatarym ulitsam, sazdayotsya asshusshenie, shto zbiraishsya f gory] - Moscow is located in a way, when you walk along some of the streets it seems like you are climbing the mountains.

Располагаться [raspalagat'sya] - to be located - means that a city or any other object is situated in a certain place, on a certain area.

Verbs with the similar meaning:

Находиться [nakhadit'sya] to be situated

Стоять [stayat'] to stay

Быть [Byt'] to be

For example: Кремль находится в центре Москвы [Kremyl' nakhoditsya f tsentre Maskvy] - Kremlin is located/situated in the center of Moscow.

Рядом с парком стоит памятник Гагарину [Rayadam s parkam stait pamitnik Gagarinu] - There is a monument of Gagarin near the park

Через год здесь будет замечательная библиотека [Cherez god sdes' budit zamichatel'naya bibliateka] - In a year there will be a wonderful library.

To describe area, you can use in your speech such verbs as:

Возвышаться или окружать [vazvyshat'sya / akruzhat'] - to rise or to surround something

For example,

Над городом возвышался огромный шар на башне [Nad goradam vazvyshalsya agromnyj shar na bashi] - On the tower there was a huge ball towered over the city

Со всех сторон наш город окружён лесом [Sa fsekh staron nash gorad akruzhyon lesam] - The forest surrounds our city from all sides

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