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How to pronounce Russian sounds correctly. Sounds Ш [SH] and Ж [ZH]

Hello, dear student!

Today my article is devoted to letters and sounds which cause pronunciation difficulties for most foreigners. To pronounce the sounds of letters Ж [zh] and Ш [sh] correctly, it is necessary to do following exercises:

You need to sit in front of the mirror and start pronouncing the Russian syllable "СА" [SA] looking at yourself. Look at your tongue – during pronunciation it should be situated behind teeth. After several attempts, you should move your tongue deep into your mouth closer to alveolus (teethridge) – a hollow in a jaw where is a tooth root situated – and continue pronouncing the sound "СА". When you move your tongue very close to teethridge, you can hear that the sound "СА" is transforming into the sound "ША" – it is exactly what we need.

To pronounce the sound "Ж" [zh], you need to do the same things which are described above but at first, pronounce the sound "ЗА" [za] – when you move your tongue to teethridge, you will get the sound "Ж" [zh].

To memorize the pronunciation, of course, you need a constant practice with a native speaker, in this case – with Russian-speaking ones. In order to practice, I write some words with the sounds Ж and Ш:

Жена [zhehna] - wife Шрам [shram] - scar
Жидкость [zhidkast'] - liquid Шар [shar] - ball
Жёлтый [zhyolty] - yellow Шарф [sharf] - scarf
Ждать [zhdat'] - to Wait Шарлотка [sharlotka] - charlotte
Жевать [zhivat'] - to Chew Шнурок [shnurok] - lace
Жулик [zhulik] - crook Шерсть [shehrst'] - wool
Жук [zhuk] - beetle Шум [shum] - noise
Жнец [zhnets] - reaper Шкурка [shkurka] - pelt, skin, fell

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