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Indicate month and year in Russian with the word "когда"

Hello, dear student! Today we continue our discussion on the time topic in Russian. I suggest you to look at the examples, how correctly we denote time in months and years:

1. To denote something that takes place in a certain month, we use the structure "preposition В [v] + month's name in the prepositional case", for example:

В январе у меня экзамены [V yanvare u minya ekhzameny] - I have exams in January

Я улетаю в июле [Ya ulitayu v ijule] - I leave in July

I want to draw your attention to the stress in the endings of months' names, it is different in some cases, so be careful!

В сентябрЕ начинается школа [F sintyabrE nachinaetsya shkola] - School time begins in September

У меня день рожденье в мАе [U minya den' razhden'ye f mAe] - I have my birthday in May

In the first example the stress falls upon the last syllable in the word "в сентябре", whereas "в мае" - upon the letter "а".

2. To name or denote year or century in Russian correctly, we need the following structure: "preposition "В" + year or century in the prepositional case", for example:

- В каком году была построена эта больница? [F kakom gadu byla pastroina ekhta bal'nitsa?] - When was this hospital built?

- В тысяча девятьсот девяносто первом [F tysicha divitsot divinosta pervam] - In 1991

- Когда вы были на экскурсии? [Kagda vy byli na ikskursii?] - When have you been on the excursion?

- В прошлом году [F proshlam gadu] - Last year

You can often see the following words instead of a certain date:

Прошлый [Proshlyj] - Last
Будущий [Budusshij] - Next (year)
В этом (году) [V ekhtam] - This (year)

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