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Personal Name

Personal name in Russian has both complete and short form. According to the nominal tradition, the rule of usage of such norms exists in Russia. 

So, in formal and business correspondence, and in official addressing only complete form of name is used, the one indicated in passport, birth certificate and other documents. Except a name, it is conventional to mention person's patronimic as well. 

While communicating with your loved ones, friends, and acquaintances short form of name is used. It is associated with the fact that some names have a form, which is complicated to be pronounced in its complete variant. Therefrom, their contracts, words consonant in roots as a rule, started to be used for convnience and simplicity. For example: Дима – instead of Дмитрий, Маша – instead of Мария, Саша – instead of Александр, Настя – instead of Анастасия, Таня – instead of Татьяна.

There is a range of names, which are paired (both  male and  female).  For example: Александр-Александра, Валерий-Валерия, Валентин-Валентина, Евгений-Евгения, Виктор-Виктория, Ярослав-Ярослава, Ян-Яна.

However, not all personal names have short forms. For instance, female names: Нина, Инна, Яна, Вера, Марина; male names: Глеб, Лука, Антон, Олег, Андрей, Игорь, Егор.

Pay attention! Names and patronimics are inflected for cases.

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