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Difference between the verbs "интересоваться" and "увлекаться". Telling about our preferences

Hello, dear student! Today we will try to learn how to tell about our preferences.

Предпочтения [pridpachteniya] Preferences - is that what we love or like, for example, to do or eat:

У Регины много предпочтений в еде [U Riginy mnoga pridpachtenij f ide] - Regina has got lots of preferences in food

Любить что-то делать/кушать/смотреть - To love/like to do/eat/watch something

Любить [lyubit'] - to love/like + verb

Ты любишь кушать блины, а я - смотреть кино [Ty lyubish kushat' bliny, a ya - smatret' kino] - You like eating pancakes, I love watching movie

The synonym of the word "любить" is the verb "интересоваться" [intirisavat'sya] - to be interested in

It shows that a person knows more about any object or a person as it attracts him and brings moral pleasure.

Саша увлекается футболом [Sasha uvlikaetsya futbolam] - Sasha is interested in football

Another synonym of the word "любить" is the verb "увлекаться" [uvlikat'sya] - to be fond of

This verb shows that a person can devote much time to any activity, for example:

Наташа увлекается вязанием [Natasha uvlikaetsya vyazaniem] - Natasha is fond of knitting

Заниматься чем-то [Zanimat'sya chem-ta] - To be interested in, doing something (to go swimming)

This verb shows an interlocutor that a person does anything on a regular basis as it brings him joy and harmony.

В свободное время я занимаюсь плаванием [F svabodnae vremya ya zanimayus' plavaniim] - In my leisure time I go swimming.

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