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What should you do, if you get sick or the verb "простудиться"

Hello, dear student! When we learn a foreign language, we often need to know a lot of various and useful words for different situations: when we travel, order something, eat or buy. But what should we do, if we get sick? There is a very cold winter here and you can easily catch a cold or even flu. There are a lot of verbs, which can help you to tell your interlocutor, a doctor or pharmaceutist that you feel yourself bad - today we are going to give consideration to the verb "простудиться".

Простыть or простудиться [prostyt' ili prostudit'sya] - to catch a cold - are the two perfective forms of a verb. Let's look at the way this verb is changed depending on its tense:

Present tense: imperfective aspect

It is important to note, many specialists do not consider these forms and state that the verb "простудиться" is only used in past tense, but you see the following phrases in colloquial speech:

Я постоянно простужаюсь [Ya pastayana prastuzhayus'] - I always catch a cold.

Что делаю? Простужаюсь - What do I do? I catch a cold.

There is also the form "простываю"
Когда идет дождь, я простываю [Kakda idyot dozhd', ya prastyvayu] - When it's raining, I catch a cold

The same situation is with the future tense, for example:
Я боюсь простыть в такую погоду [Ya bayus' prastyt' f takuyu pagodu] - I am afraid of catching a cold in such weather.

You can see such phrases in the standard language not so often, as it is considered to be a vernacular (просторечие), i.e. the language of ordinary people ("язык простых людей").

Past tense: imperfective aspect

Я, ты, он простудился [ya, ty, on prastudilsya] - I, you, he caught a cold
Я, ты, она простудилась [ya, ty, ana prastudilas'] - I, you, she got a cold
Мы, вы, они простудились [my, vy, ani prastudilis'] - We, you (plural) they got a cold

Мы поехали на море и простудились [my paekhali na more i prastudilis'] - We had gone to the sea and caught a cold

Она простудилась осенью [Ana prastudilas' osin'yu] - She has caught a cold in autumn

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