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Meaning and formation

The adverbial participle shows if an action performed simultaneously with the main action of the sentence or one after another:

Simultaneously One after another
If to create adverbial participle you use an Imperfective (IPFV) verb. If to create adverbial participle you use a Perfective (PFV) verb.
Она улыбалась, читая(IPFV) книгу.
She smiled while reading a book.
Прочитав(PFV) книгу, она пошла гулять.
Having read a book, she went for a walk.


How to form adverbial participle: 
IPFV adverbial participle = (IPFV verbal stem in present time, in the third person, plural form-THEY) + suffix -А (after consonants Ш, Щ, Ж, Ч) / suffix -Я (in other cases) 
PFV adverbial participle = PFV infinitive stem + suffix -В / -ВШИ (for verbs ending on -ся) 
Adverbial participle = verb + suffix = result (comments)
дыша (IPFV)
видя (IPFV)
гуляя (IPFV)
они дыш-ат
они вид-ят
они гуля-ют
-А / -Я дыш-а (-А after consonants Ш, Щ, Ж, Ч)
вид-я (-Я for IPFV verbs)
гуля-я (-Я for IPFV verbs)
убрав (PFV)
убравшись (PFV)

убра-в (for PFV verbs)
убра-вшись (for verbs ending on -СЯ)

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