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How to get to the place of destination or verbs of motion

Hello, dear student! Today we devote our topic to verbs again, and now we will look how and with what verbs we can arrive at some place or leave it.

We have already learned with you means of transport in Russian but there are also such verbs, which allow us to arrive/leave a country or a city by means of any transport: ground transport, underground, over the air, by water.

Самолёт [Samalyot] a plane - is such mean of transport which transports a person by air. You can use the verbs "летать" [litat'] and "лететь" [litet'] with this word.

Я часто летаю самолётом в Таджикистан [Ya chasta litayu samalyotam f Tazhikistan] - I often fly by air plane to Tajikistan

В московском аэропорту летают самые большие самолёты [F maskofskam aekhrapartu litayut samye bal'shie samalyoty] - There are the biggest planes flying in the Moscow airport.

Корабль [karabl'] a ship - is the mean of transport which allows to travel by water. You can use here the verb "плыть"[plyt'] to sail.

По Волге плывут маленькие лодки [Pa Volge plyvut malen'kie lotki] - There are small boats sailing on the Volga

Люди плывут на кораблях в путешествия [Lyudi plyvut na karablyakh f putishestviya]- People sail on ships in travel

There is a universal verb which we can use with any mean of transport - "добраться" or "добираться" [dabrat'sya]/[dabirat'sya] to rich the place/to get to

В Москву вы можете добраться любым способом [ F Maskvu vy mozhite dabrat'sya lyubym sposabam] You can reach Moscow any way

Сергею пришлось добираться до дома сначала на поезде, а потом на машине [Sirgeyu prishlos' dabirat'sya da doma snachala na poizde, a patom na mashine] Sergei had to get, first of all, by train, and then by car.

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