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Professions for both men and women

Hello, dear student! Today I would like to continue the topic on professions in the Russian language and talk about jobs for both men and women.

1. Доктор или врач [doktar/vrach] - a doctor or a physician

It is a person who treats and examines ill people. As men as women often work as doctors and physicians. Let's look at some sentences connected to these professions:

· Здравствуйте, мне нужен доктор! [Zdrastvuyte, mne nuzhen doktar] - Hello, I need doctor's help/I need a doctor

· Доктор, скажите,пожалуйста, какие лекарства мне принимать? [Doktar, skazhite, pazhalusta, kakie likarstva mne prinimat'?] - Doctor, could you please tell me what kind of remedy/medicine I need to take?

2. Учитель/ преподаватель [uchitel'/ pripadavatel'] - a teacher

These professions can also be masculine and feminine. In Russian we usually use the word "учитель" for those people, who teach students at school, and "преподаватель" - for those, who teach lessons and give lectures at university or college.

· Мой учитель очень добрый человек [Moj uchitel' ochen' dobryj chilavek] - My teacher is a very kind man.

· Преподаватели не любят, когда студенты опаздывают [pripadavateli ne lyubyat, kagda studenty apazdyvayut] - Teachers/professors do not like when students are late.

3. Инженер(ы) [inzhinery] - engineer(s)

This profession is very common in Russia. We have a lot of people, who work in different fields, for example, work at factories, plants, in industry and develop different products. We need engineers even in such fields as space or electronic.

· Мой папа по профессии инженер, он работает на заводе [Moy papa inzhiner, on rabotaet na zavode] - My father is an engineer, he works at the factory.

· Она очень выдающийся инженер в сфере компьютерных технологий [Ana ochen' vydayuchshiysya inzhiner f sfere kampyuternykh tikhnalogiy] - She is an outstanding engineer in IT.

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