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Important words for conversation about work in Russian

Hello, dear student! Today I would like to give consideration to a very important topic - our work. A lot of foreigners and those people who learn Russian want to know more words on this topic because it is very important to learn to speak Russian and find a good job or to express our thoughts in writing and speech correctly, already working with Russian-speaking people.

Well, let's begin with, probably, the most important word "работа":
Работа [rabota] - work
It may seem paradoxical but the word "работа" stems fr om the word "раб" [rab] - a slave. Although, today most people suppose that work should bring not only money but joy, so you will never feel yourself like a slave.

There are synonyms of the word "работа", i.e. words which have similar meaning:

Профессия [prafesiya] - a profession/job

A profession is referred to work but it denotes what kind of work a person does, for example:

Я по профессии охранник [ya pa prafesii akhranik] - My profession is a security/I am a security guard

In Russian you can also see the term "вакансия" [vakansiya] - a vacancy/job. You can see this term as at work as looking for job, for example, in newspaper or on a website wh ere this or that employee is required.

The word "работник" [rabotnik] - a worker/an employee - denotes a person who does any work, for example:

В моем офисе хорошие работники [V mayom ofice kharoshie rabotniki] - There are good workers in my office

The word "занятость" [zanyatast'] - occupation/job - denotes the job a person does. Occupation can be various, for example:

На нашем предприятии занятость бывает полной или неполной [Na nashim pritpriyatii zanyatast' byvaet polnaj ili nipolnaj] - There are some kinds of job in our company: full-time job and part-time job.

The word "коллега" [kalega] - a colleague - denotes a person who works with you, sometimes even in the same room as you, so you work with this person or obey your colleague.
Подчиняться кому-либо на работе [pachinyatsya kamu-liba na rabote] - to obey the boss - means that you have to do the work given by a person who has higher status at work than you.

"карьерная лестница" [kar'ernaya lesnitsa] - a career ladder - is such a hierarchy with workers/bosses, who have their own responsibilities.

For example,

Я очень хочу подняться по карьерной лестнице и стать топ-менеджером [Ya ochin' khachu padnyat'sya pa kar'ernay lesnitse i stat' top-menedzheram] - I really want to get promoted and become a top-manager.

Мой коллега очень помогаем мне решить эту проблему [Moj kalega ochin' pamagaet mne rishit' ekhtu prablemu] - My colleague helps me a lot to solve this problem/task.

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