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Such various time or how to use words denoting time, months and seasons in speech correctly

Hello, dear student!

Today we devote our topic to time which we often lack. There are a lot of options how to ask and answer what time it is, we will look at the basic moments:

The interrogative word "когда" is the most important, when we want to ask about the time. We use it not only in questions, but also in affirmative and negative sentences, for example:

Когда ты приедешь? [Kagda ty priedish?] - When do you come?

Когда я была малышкой,я любила играть на улице [Kagda ya byla malyshkaj, ya lyubila igrat' na ulitse] - When I used to be a little girl, I loved to play outside

Когда я там, я не могу думать о нём [Kagda ya tam, ya ni magu dumat' a njom] - When I am there, I can't think about him

All these three sentences tell about time, unknown as in the third example or a certain period of time - "когда я была ребёнком" (when I used to be a little girl), but anyway we use the word "когда".

We use the word "когда", when we talk about days of the week:

- Когда начинаются занятия? [Kagda nachinayutsya zanyatija?] - When do the classes start?

- В понедельник [F panidel'nik] - On Monday

If we want to say about action that takes place on a regular basis, we speak about time and use the preposition "по" + noun in Dative case, plural form, for example:

По субботам у меня занятия по русскому языку в скайпе [Pa subotam u minya zanyatija pa ruskamu izyku f skajpe] - On Saturdays I have Russian language classes on Skype

Speaking about time, we can also indicate a certain period or a season:

Летом я уезжаю на родину [Letam ya uizhayu na rodinu] - In summer I go back to my Motherland/homecountry

Please, pay attention, we do not use any prepositions before seasons and months:

Зимой [Zimoj] - In Winter
Весной [Visnoj] - in Spring
Летом [Letam] - In Summer
Осенью [Osin'yu] - In Autumn/Fall

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