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Verbs with figurative meaning which describe clothes

Hello, dear student! Today I would like to devote the article to one of the most interesting topics in Russian - figurative meaning of verbs. We will give consideration not to all of them but only to those which we need to describe clothes. Figurative meaning of a word is the meaning which we cannot define looking at a word itself, as it conveys a hidden meaning. There are a lot of such words in all languages around the world and Russian is not an exception. Here are the words, which confuse a foreigner drastically so he often doesn't understand anything:

Сидит [Sitid] Is sitting - the verb which tells an interlocutor that an object is in the position when he/she doesn't go or is not to his/her full height. A person can sit on chair, on the floor, on furniture.

Аня сидела в кресле, сложив руки [Anya sidela f kresle slazhiv ruki] - Anne was sitting in the armchair with her arms folded.

Сидит [Sitid] Suits someone - the verb which describes how this or that cloth suits anybody. It is used in figurative meaning:

Это платье отлично на тебе сидит! [Ekhta platye atlichna na tibe sidit!] - This dress suits you well!

Идёт [Idyot] is going - the verb which describes an action of a person or a process that is continuing or moving.

Мальчик идёт по лесу [Mal'chik idyot pa lesu] - A boy is walking through the forest

Идёт [Idyot] to suit someone - the verb which has figurative meaning, describes that any cloth makes a person more beautiful and attractive:

Андрею очень идёт эта синяя рубашка [Andreju ochin' idyot ekhta siniya rubashka] - This blue shirt suits Andrei very well.

Лежит [Lizhit] lies - the verb which describes an action, when someone or something is situated in the horizontal position on any object:

Книжка лежит на столе [Knizhka lizhit na stale] - A book is on the table

Лежит [Lizhit] how something is made (usually in a positive way) - the verb which has a figurative meaning and describes that something is in a good condition, for example:

Локоны в твоей причёске лежат замечательно [Lokany f tvaej prichoske lizhat zamichatel'na] - The curls in your hair are made great

Please, do not mix it up with the verb "лизать" [lizat'] - to lick

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