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Verbs of motion in a figurative meaning

Verbs of motion are extremely extended and difficult topic in Russian. Except of a variety of forms, difficulty of conjugation, verbs of motion with and without prefixes, differences in their usage, there are some cases when verbs of motion are used in figurative meaning. Besides, we often cannot use synonyms in these expressions. These expressions are very "fixed".

It is necessary to note that in figurative meaning we usually use only one verb from the aspectual pair (e.g. идти-ходить) that does not replace one another. We also use in figurative meaning the verbs of motion with prefixes as well as without them. In this article we will look at the most common expressions with verbs lacking prefixes.

Weather conditions, rainfall
Весь день идет дождь - It is rainy all the day long.
Под вечер пошел снег - It started snowing in the evening.
По небу плывут белые облака - White clouds are floating in the sky.

All that’s happening, process
Работа идет как по маслу (idiomatic expression meaning «хорошо» - everything is ok) - Work goes as smoothly as if buttered.

Conversation, talk
Переговоры идут к завершению - Negotiations are coming to an end.
Разговор незаметно перешел на другую тему - During the conversation we insensibly switched the topic.

Пришло время поужинать - It's time to have dinner.
Время быстро пролетело - Time flashed by.
На лекциях время ползет (idiomatic expression meaning «goes very slowly») - Time hangs heavy on hands at the lectures.
Часы сломались и больше не идут - The clock is broken and doesn't work anymore.

Dress and the way it harmonizes with a person's appearance
Вам очень идет это платье - This dress suits you very much.
Он носит деловые костюмы и рубашки с запонками - He wears smart suits and shirts with cufflinks.
Не все замужние люди носят обручальное кольцо - Not all married people wear wedding rings.
Я ношу очки с пяти лет - I have been wearing eyeglasses since I was 5.

После того как он получил наследство, его дела пошли в гору (idiomatic expression meaning «дела все лучше и лучше» - everything is better and better) - After he had come into fortune, he moved up in the world.

Action, process
Учитель провел свой первый урок - A teacher gave his first lesson.

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