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Explain in Russian how to get to any place

Hello, dear student! Today we deal with the topic on explaining how to tell a person the way or how to get to the necessary place.

If a person tells you:

Если вы хотите попасть на рынок, то идите прямо до зелёного здания [Esli vy khatite papast' na rynak, to idite pryama do zilyonava zdaniya] - If you want to rich the market, you should go straight to the green building.

Прямо [Pryama] Straight - is the direction, when you don't need to turn to any side, cross the road or walk in any side street. You should go just forward.

If someone tells you:

Маршрутка едет в сторону вокзала [Marshrutka edit f storanu vakzala] - The mini bus goes towards the railway station.

В сторону [F storanu] Towards something - is the direction, when someone or something goes to any place, in our example it's a railway station. It means, the mini bus goes to the place, where the railway station is.

If an interlocutor says:

Вам надо ехать в другую сторону от больницы [Vam nada ekhat' f druguyu storanu at bal'nitsy] - You should go the opposite direction fr om the hospital

В другую сторону от [F druguyu storanu at] The opposite side/direction from - this phrase sends you to the opposite side from something. In our example, you should go to the opposite side from the place wh ere a hospital is.

If somebody explains you that:

Вам нужно доехать до магазина и там пересесть на автобус [Vam nada daekhat' da magazina i tam pirisest' na aftobus] - You need to rich the shop and change/take the bus.

Пересесть [pirisest'] to change (the transport) - this verb means that you need to change the transport which you've taken or change it when you reach a certain place, in our case it's a shop.

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