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Peculiarities of Russian Dalliance

«The union of foolish and foolish gives rise to mother-heroine; the union of foolish and smart gives rise to single mother; the union of smart and foolish gives rise to an ordinary family; the union of smart and smart causes gentle dalliance».

Actress Faina Ranevskaya


"Fleurette" (flower) is the French word for English flirt, which has become the ancestor of what we call флирт today. Slight lovemap, dalliance with someone, fike or coquetry. That is an explenation given to flirt by modern dictionaries in particular.

They say that flirt throws back to ancient times. Even Cleopatra used certain practices of flirt to drive men's attetion. Among the others, pleasurable fragrant aromas and frankincenses, delicate oils and decoctions, means of make-up and so on.

Finally, flirt as a manner of behavior formed in the 17th -18th centuries. The notion flirt was re-energised by English writer Chesterfield. He gives the example of lady Frances in one of his writings. She played around with her hand fan proficiently at one of the receptions. She opened and closed it at certain intervals, hid her face behind it, covered it, leaving only eyes. A man, being engaged in a dialog with her, gave up and said that her behavior was absolutely indignant. She just answered that it was only flirt. "I waff my hand fan, nothing more!" So, the word flirt became known in Britain at first, and then in the entire world.

The language of flirt is concidered to be very similar on all the continents. Despite this, there are certain peculiarities related to mentality of one or another nation in every country. For instance, in pedantic Germany flirt is like a kind of art. Moreover, it is very subtile art, which should be familiar both to him and her.

In democratic America flir is conversely more unconcealed and free of any taboo. That's why one should know and understand national peculiarities, mentality and habits of a guest from another country when starting "the game of flowers". What is good for American is not always clear to Russian and vice versa.

Peculiarities of Russian Flirt among Women

The major point of female flirt is coquetry. Although some dictionaries claim that flirt and coquetry are not the same, in both cases we talk about actions, which will help a girl or a woman to drive one's attention.

Some say that flirt is inherent for women because of their nature, and still there is a number of universal signals, which will help a man to notice that a girl flirts with him.

1) Smile. Everything starts with it. And this isn't about Hollywood smile. Russian girls know how to smile. No matter how nice a girl could be, acid looks can spoil everything.

Eyes are the window to one's soul. The way a girl looks at you can tell a lot. If she looks straight into eyes, fasten her eyes on you for a few seconds and then "scan" your lips, neck or chin, you can be sure that she is interested in you.

2) Flirting woman moves smoothly, freely and easily. Passing by a man, she acts confidently, her shoulders are straightened and palms are opened. Slight touch to man's hand would immediately define his reaction, whether he likes a woman or not. According to statistics, woman's plasticity has become decisive for the majority of men in a half of flirt experiences. Manner of speech and its subject matter goes next.

No crossing of arms, clinched fists or straight head position. Such gestures will be accepted as distrust and absence of interest to a partner.

3) Every detail of her clothes can put emphasis on the interest to a man. Playing with a pendent on decollete or bracelets on the wrist, sliding on a rim of a wineglass with her finger, playing with lock of hair or touching the hair - these gestures look naturally and very sexy.

Womanhood can be accentuated not only with the help of clothes or make-up. Neat and cared-for hands, beautiful fingernails, long lashes and ripe lips. Almost 90% of male respondents mentioned that slightly parted lips of partner in conversation turn them on. And well matched perfume will put a period to this seduction.

4) The ideal distance between people while flirting is 30 sm. On the one hand, this distance respect woman's private space, and on the other hand, it lets keep in so-called intimate zone. The distance for 15 sm between feet, according to believes of some sexologist, turnes men on.

5) The loudnes of voice also matters. It should be calm and pleasant. Addressing a men by his name will bring into focus your attitude towards him once more.

You shoudn't compliment like: «у тебя красивая рубашка» /you have a nice shirt/. Conversely: «у тебя хороший вкус на рубашки» /you have a good taste concerning shirts/. «У тебя красивая машина – ты великолепно водишь» /You have a beautiful car - you drive magnificently/.

How Russian Men Flirt

There was a custom in Rus in antient times: if a man liked a girl, he presented her a spindle whorl. Usually it happened at youth get-togethers among girls and lads. That's how young man drived young girl's attention unequivocally. If a girl came with the gift the following evening, she showed she gave consent on courtship.

Tilting matches, serenades under the window and other suchlike things became history. Modern men have their own approach for driving one's attention, especially if they are Russian men.

1) The first thing we should pay attention to is man's look. If he gives undivided attention to your breast or other part of the body, that doesn't mean he is truly interested in you. An unmistakable sign of interest is devouring you with his eyes completely, not just a certain part of a body!

2) His pose and facial expression will also help to define whether he flirts with you or not. A bend of the head to your side, updrawn eyebrows, look of decision, a desire to reach to you, all this tells that he considers you to be pretty.

Pay attention to the way he stands. If his toe are directed straight to you, it is a good sign.

3) Hands of your companion are always next to you. Not on your body, but kind of close. Purposeless or accidental touches tell of caress and confirm all the seriousness of your partner's intentions.

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