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How to congratulate someone in Russian

Hello, dear student! Today I'd like to give consideration to such topic as holidays. Everyone likes to celebrate different holidays, festivities and important events. Not surprisingly, to do something nice for anyone or surpise with beautiful congratulation in his/her native language is always very nice and admirable. To congratulate correctly, you should know some structures, some of them we will consider and try to practise on the examples. Before learning this topic, I recommend you to look at the table of Russian cases and recall the questions they answer.

1. Structure "Поздравляю" + accusative case + preposition "с" + instrumental case

· Поздравляю + тебя (кого? - who? Accusative case) + с + праздником (с чем? - with what?)
· Поздравляю + Арину (кого? - who? Accusative case) + с + юбилеем
· Поздравляю Вас (кого? - who? Accusative case) + с + рождением сына

To make your congratulation more beautiful and sincere, you can add the following phrases to this structure:
От всей души [At fsej dushi] - From all my heart
От чистого сердца [At chistava sertsa] - Sincerely ( Russian idiom which hasn't got direct translation)

Thus, we get:
От всего сердца + поздравляю + винительный падеж + с + творительный падеж
· От всего сердца поздравляю Катю с днём рождения! [At fsivo sertca pazdravlyayu Katyu s dnyom razhdeniya] - From the bottom of my heart I congratulate Kate on her birthday!
· От чистого сердца поздравляю молодожёнов с днём свадьбы! [At chistava sertsa pazdravlyayu maladazhyonaf s dnyom svad'by] - I sincerely congratulate honeymooners on their happy wedding!

If you want to make your congratulation simple, you can just say or write:
· Данила, с праздником! [Danila, s praznikam!] - Danila, happy holiday!

Sometimes, when we congratulate a person, we want to send regards to someone else, for example, parents, teachers, relatives or friends, then we can say or write:

2. Передайте мои поздравления + dative case (кому?)

Передайте мои поздравления вашим родителям! [Piredajte mai pazdravleniya vashim raditilyam] Say hello to your parents/ Congratulate your parents on that event/holiday

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