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Verb "ждать" or waiting for someone or something in Russian

Hello, dear student! Today, continuing to discuss our favorite verbs, let's look at the situations, when we need to wait for someone or something. Students often do not give due consideration to this verb, regarding it as unimportant and unnecessary for the development of their language skills, but of course, it is a misconception. Let's look at the way this verb is changed in tenses and aspects, depending on a situation:

Ждать [Zhdat'] - to wait (for)

For example, an action is taking place now, at this moment, that's why we use present tense
Imperfective aspect:

Я жду - Мы ждём [Ya zhdu - My zhyom] - I am waiting (for) - We are waiting (for)
Ты ждёшь - Вы ждёте [Ty zhdyosh' - Vy zhdyoti] - You are waiting (for) - You (plural) are waiting for
Он, она, оно ждёт - Они ждут [On, ana, ano zhdyot - Ani zhdut] - He, she it is waiting (for) - They are waiting (for)
There is no perfective aspect in the present tense!

Past tense: imperfective aspect

Я, ты, он ждал [Ya, ty, on zhdal] - I, you, he was waiting (for)
Я, ты, она ждала [Ya, ty, ana zhdala] - I, you, she was waiting (for)
Мы, вы, они ждали [My, vy, ani zhdali] - We, you (plural), they were waiting (for)

There is a perception in the standard language, that there is no perfective aspect for this verb in the past tense, but you can hear the following option in colloquial language:

Я прождала тебя почти час! [Ya prazhdala tibya pachti chas!] - I have been waiting for you for almost an hour!

Future tense: imperfective aspect

Я буду ждать - Мы будем ждать [Ya budu zhdat' - My budim zhdat'] - I will be waiting (for) -We will be waiting (for)
Ты будешь ждать - Вы будете ждать [Ty budish' zhdat' - Vy budite zhdat'] - You will be waiting (for) -You (plural) will be waiting (for)
Он, она, оно будет ждать - Они будут ждать [On, ana, ano budit zhdat' -ani budut zhdat'] He, she will be waiting (for) -They will be waiting (for)

Like with the present tense, there is no perfective form of this verb in the future tense, but you can hear the following form in colloquial speech:

Я подожду тебя у остановки [Ya padazhdu tibya u astanovki] - I will be waiting for you near the bus stop
Or more correct form according to the rule:
Я буду ждать тебя у остановки [Ya budu zhdat' tibya u astanovki] I will be waiting for you near the bus stop.

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