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Some ways to make up sentences for expressing emotions and conditions in Russian

Hello, dear student! Today we will look at some ways how to make sentences correctly to express our emotions or condition, for example, the condition of nature - how to say that it is cold or rainy outside. To understand your interlocutor better and be able to inform him about something, this topic is very useful for you, especially if you want to learn to tell/retell texts in Russian.

Well, to express physical or emotional condition, we use the structure: the word "быть" + adverb (with the ending -o), for example:

Сегодня было очень жарко [Sivodnya byla ochen' zharka] - Today was very hot

To express condition in the past and future tenses, we change the form "быть" according to tense:

Вчера было холодно [Fchira byla kholadna] - Yesterday was cold
Завтра будет морозно [Zavtra budit marozna] - Tomorrow will be frozen cold.

The word "быть" cannot be used in the present tense, although we have used the word "сегодня" (today) in one of the examples. It means, the day has been over and, in the evening, for example, a person tells about his day but this day, in fact, is not over yet.

To express human emotions and feelings, we need the following structure: personal pronoun or noun in dative + быть (to be) + adverb with the ending -o, for example:

Им будет смешно [Im budit smishno] - That will be funny for them

Детям было тепло [Detyam byla tiplo] - Children were warmed up

To express your feelings or condition, you can use the following adverbs:

Страшно [strashna] - scary
Жарко [zharka] - hot
Скучно [skushna] - boring
Весело [vesela] - funny
Плохо [plokha] - bad
Грустно [grusna] - sad
Удобно [udobna] - comfortable
Хорошо [kharasho] - good

But be careful because the words "хорошо", "плохо", "удобно", "неудобно" can have different meanings in sentences, for example:

Сегодня мне было плохо, я съела что-то несвежее [Sivodnya mne byla plokha, ya s'ela shto ta nisvezhie] - Today I felt bad, I have eaten something not fresh

Это было плохо и некрасиво [Ekhta byla plokha i nekrasiva, - That was bad and impolite.

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