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Professions in Russian. The most common professions in beauty industry

Hello, dear student!

Today I would like to talk about professions. The list of professions is very long, that's why I've decided to divide professions into groups, depending on what job sector they are belonged to.
This article will be useful for girls and women because it provides you with the description of professions related to beauty industry. There are a lot of newcomers and visitors of our country who want to find a decent full-time- or part-time job during their study. Let's look at the most common options:

1. Парикмахер - a hairdresser

Парикмахер [parikmakher] - a hairdresser - is a specialist who creates masterpieces with our hair, although sometimes there can be some failed attempts to cut our hair or do hair up. Hairdressers in Russian can be as of feminine gender as of masculine one, i.e. as a woman as a man can work in salon. Sometimes, there are salons (places, where they cut hair or do one's face), which have special departments: "мужской" [mushskoy] - men's department or "женский" [zhenskiy] - women's department - it means that only men can be served in men's department, and only women - in women's. Within the demand for haircut and hair-dress, there is also "детский" отдел [detskiy] - children's department. To get the job in these places, you should look through local newspapers, in the section of "объявления" [ab'yavleniya] - "advertisements" or find the closest salons or hair studios, go there and ask whether they need an employee. In some places they look for people "без опыта работы" [bez opyta raboty] - with no experience - or, on the contrary, "с большим опытом работы" в данной сфере [s bal'shim opitam raboty] - with a great experience in this sphere. In any case, you should provide documents which certify your education, courses or study.

2. Маникюрщица или мастер по маникюру - a manicure technician/manicurist

It is also very common profession among women, at least, I have never seen any man in this sphere, although I don't say it for sure :)
Маникюрщица [manik'ursshitsa] a manicurist - this profession brings good money but you should keep in mind that this occupation requires experience, education and sometimes even medical education because specialists in this sphere work with nails and skin. To avoid infections or improper treatment, it is necessary to have solid experience.

3. Визажист - a visagiste/make-up designer

This profession brings great joy to those who are interested in drawing and creating something beautiful. Визажист [vizazhist] a visagiste - is a specialist who puts on "макияж" [makiyazh] - a makeup/cosmetics - to make a woman or man more beautiful, attractive and brighter with the help of blush which in Russian is called "косметика" [kasmetika] - a makeup. There are a lot of women and men who work as visagistes in beauty salons.

4. Стилист - a stylist

Стилист [stilist] a stylist - is a profession for those who like to dress up stylishly. This is a worker who matches cloth for any event, work or cinema visit. As men as women can work as stylists.

5. Косметолог и массажист - a cosmetologist and a masseur

Косметолог [kasmitolag] - a cosmetologist and массажист [masazhyst] - a masseur - are two professions, which also require medical education, experience and delicate treatment for clients. This profession implies work in beauty salons. People, who call themselves cosmetologists, mainly, work with people's skin, making it healthy, clean and young. Masseurs massage people, which also have therapeutic modality on a person's organism.

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