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How to buy clothes or basic words necessary for renewing our wardrobe

Hello, dear student! Today we will look at some phrases, words and sentences connected with clothes. This topic will be especially useful, if you come to Russia in summer. Winter begins here in autumn: September and October can be very cold, so people start wearing warm clothes. How to buy or ask something on this topic?

The first phrase that you need is:

- Скажите, пожалуйста, где я могу купить/приобрести теплые вещи и обувь? [Skazhite, pazhalujsta, gde ya magu kupit'/priabristi tyoplye veshi ili obuv'?] - Could you please tell me where I can buy clothes and shoes to warm up?

Тёплые вещи [tyoplye vesshi] Warm clothes - are clothes (clothing + shoes) which people wear to warm up and be warm.

Одежда [adezhda] Clothes - is clothing that people wear. Clothes can be winter, demi-season and summer.

Демисезонная одежда [Dimisizonnaya adezhda] Demi-season clothing - is clothing which people wear in spring and autumn.

Обувь [Obuf'] Shoes/footwear- is a part of clothing worn on foot. Shoes can also be winter, demi-season and summer.

Какую обувь вы предпочитаете носить? [Kakuyu obuf' vy pridpachitaite nasit'?] - What kind of shoes would you prefer to wear?

Какой у вас размер одежды/ обуви? [Kakoj u vas razmer adezhdy/ obuvi?] What is your (clothes/shoes) size?

Размер одежды [Razmer adezhdy] Clothing size - is a special measure of choosing clothes. I'd like to mention, Russian clothing sizes are different from ones in other countries, that's why before buying something, match, please, the sizes in Russia and ones in your country.

Размер обуви [Razmer obuvi] Footwear size - a measure which is also differs in Russia from those in other countries.

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