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Structure: Dative case +"надо" + verb or shopping

Hello, dear student! Today we are going to analyze the words, which we need to buy products and explain people what we need. For a start, let's look at some words:

Buying food

· Хлеб [khlep] - bread
· Масло [masla] - butter
· Картофель [kartofil'] - potato
· Макароны [makarony] - pasta

Let's use our structure: Dative case + надо (need) + verb:

-Здравствуйте, мне надо купить немного картофеля [Zdrastvujte, mne nada kupit' nimnoga kartofilya] - Hello, I need to buy some potatoes, please.

Мне (кому? Дательный падеж) + надо + купить (глагол) - I (who? Dative case) + need + to buy (verb)

Buying of dress

· Платье [Plat'e] - a dress
· Юбка [yupka] - a skirt
· Брюки [bryuki] - trousers
· Рубашка [rubashka] - a shirt
· Футболка [futbolka] - a T-shirt

Чтобы выглядеть красиво, мне надо купить брюки, рубашку и еще футболку [Shtoby vyglidet' krasiva, mne nada kupit' bryuki, rubashku i isshyo futbolku] - To look nice, I need to buy trousers, shirt and also a T-shirt.

Мне (кому? Дательный падеж) + надо + купить (глагол)

Sometimes, we can replace the word "надо" [nada] with "нужно" [nuzhna] - I have written about these words in the previous articles, so read them if you want to refresh your memory. To use the word "нужно", let's look at the following examples:

Нужно ли тебе покупать такую дорогую одежду? [Nuzhna li tibe pakupat' takuyu daraguyu adezhdu?] - Do you really need to buy such expensive clothes?

В школу нужно носить только юбки, это часть школьной формы [F shkolu nuzhna nasit' tol'ka yupki, ekhta chast' shkol'naj formy] - One can wear only skirts in school, that is a part of school uniform.

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