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Simple letter "у" in prepositional case of the Russian language

Hello, dear student! Today let's talk about grammar again. There is so small but very important rule in the usage of the prepositional case with nouns, when we add the letter "у" in their endings. Let's look at the examples and try to understand how it happens:

There is a small group of masculine words in Russian, which ends with a consonant and changes their ending to "у" or "ю" in singular, prepositional case.

· Лес (что? what? Nominative case) [les] - a forest - В лесу (в чём? where? Prepositional case) [V lisu]- in the forest
· Пол (что? what? Nominative case) [pol] - the floor - На полу (на чём? where? Prepositional case) [Na palu] - on the floor
· Край (что? what? Nominative case) [kraj] - an edge - На краю (на чём? where? Prepositional case) [Na krajyu] - on the edge

Край скатерти был изодран [kraj skaterti byl izodran] - The edge of the tablecloth was torn
Что? Край -именительный падеж - What? The edge - nominative case
На краю стола лежала большая ложка [na krayu stala lizhala bal'shaya lozhka] - On the edge of the table there was a big spoon
На чём? На краю - предложный падеж - Where? On the edge - prepositional case

Лес наполнен красками весной [Les napolnen kraskami visnoj] - The forest is full of colours in spring
Что? Лес - именительный падеж - What? The forest - nominative case

В лесу цветут разные цветы и растут ягоды [V lisu tsvetut raznye tsvety i rastut yagady] - There are different flowers and some berries grow in the forest.

В чём? В лесу - предложный падеж - Where? In the forest - prepositional case
This group of nouns, that change their endings in the prepositional case, includes:

· Угол [ugal] - a corner
· Берег [bereg] - a bank/coast
· Порт [port] - a port
· Аэропорт [aekhraport] - an airport
· Сад [sat] - a garden
· Шкаф [shkaf] - a wardrobe

But, please, pay attention, that if we use them with the preposition "о", then we adhere to the basic rule and write a noun with the ending "е", for example:

Я рассказал Тане о том прекрасном лесе [ya raskazal Tane a tom prikrasnam lese] - I have told Tanya about that wonderful forest.

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