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How to make a word-combination or a sentence in Russian

Hello, dear student! Today we will learn how to make sentences in Russian. To make phrases, expressions, word-combinations and sentences more or less correctly, you should learn, first of all, words and then understand what constitutes a sentence in Russian, and consider such compound parts, as the stress and intonation.

Интонация [intanatsiya] intonation - is a feature of any language that in oral speech shows an interlocutor melody, feelings and for example, the end of a sentence.

Я иду по дорожке, и тут вылетает мне навстречу серый волк! [Ya idu pa darozhke, i tut vylitaet mne nafstrechu seryj volk] - I am walking on the path and suddenly the grey wolf appears!

Depending on how would you read this sentence, with intonation or without it, an interlocutor can understand you and your situation. If you say a sentence without intonation, your speech will sound boring. But, for example, in the following sentence, it's not worth to emphasize anything with intonation because it's unnecessary here:

Погода сейчас хорошая [Pagoda sichas kharoshaya!] - The weather is good now

Many consider that the word order is not fixed here because the meaning will be the same even if you rearrange the words, and your interlocutor can easily understand you, for example:

Я люблю жёлтый цвет [Ya lyublyu zhyoltyj tsvet] - I like yellow color

Я жёлтый цвет люблю [Ya zhyoltyj tsvet lyublyu] - I like yellow color

The meaning in these two examples does not change, we only rearrange the words "люблю" (like) and "желтый цвет" (yellow color). I suppose, even there is not fixed word order, you should be very attentive making sentences in Russian, anyway, there should be noun + verb.

To begin with, let's start with making simple sentence, using only 4 words - I think, it's enough for a start:

Я люблю красные яблоки [Ya lyublyu krasnye yablaki] - I like red apples

When you start learning a language, it's better to make sentences from 4-5 words. But when you already know quite large number of nouns, asjectives, verbs and adverbs, then you can try to diversify you sentence with extra words. Such method, certainly, makes your speech richer and more interesting. For example:

Я очень люблю красные яблоки, потому что они самые вкусные! [Ya ochin' lyublyu krasnye yablaki, patamu shta ani samye fkusnye!] - I like red apples very much because they are the most delicious ones.

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