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How to ask a person for permission in Russian

Hello, dear student! I continue the topic on permissions and bans in Russian. Now we find out the way how to ask someone's permission because it often causes difficulties and a person cannot ask anything that he needs without the knowledge of basic words. Before learning any topic, I recommend you to familiarize yourself with the common words expressing permission for a start because it will be easier for you to understand all structures on this topic.

When we want to address a certain person, we should use the dative case, for example:

Можно мне пройти? [Mozhna mne prajti?] - May I pass?/Could you give me the way, please

The structure "можно" + noun in the dative case. Можно (кому?) мне - may (who?) I, as "кому" is the question of dative case, so there is no doubts.

Сергею нельзя много работать [Sirgeyu nil'zya mnoga rabotat'] - Sergey must not work much

Please, pay attention that a noun in dative can be written as before words-permissions/bans, as after them.

Вам можно перезвонить чуть позже? [Vam mozhna pirizvanit' chut' pozhe?] - May I call you back latter?

Мише надо пить лекарство [Mishekh nada pit' likarstva] - Misha has to drink his medicine

In this case we use the structure: "надо" + verb+ noun in dative case.

Thus, we can point out the basic forms to use them for addressing a person:

  1. Нужно + verb + noun (dative case)
  2. Можно + verb + noun (dative case)
  3. Нельзя + verb + noun (dative case)
  4. Запрещается + verb + noun (dative case)

Pay attention to the fact that the words-bans can have different meanings and connotations, i.e. some words express "strong" ban, other - just necessity.

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