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Artificially created language environment-we learn language at home

We continue to talk about the creation of language environment for learning any foreign language. Today we’ll talk about its second type.

Artificially created language environment. When we surround ourselves with everything and everyone associated with the language of the country, being at home, in our country.

What can help you?

  1. Movies. For a start, it’s better to watch them in your native language and then try in the source language. It is already clear the meaning of this movie. At the same time, you’ll observe the emotions of all actors, as well as memorize a couple of new phrases. A movie is always a cultural reflection of its country.
    If you want to remember your childhood, you should find cartoons and fairytales – it’s a good way to get to know any nationality closer.
  2. Recording music or live concerts according to your taste. There are many existing examples, when people learned a language listening to their favorite singers and composers. What are advantages here? You listen to native speakers and develop understanding of a foreign speech. After that, you want to understand a meaning of the song for sure. You read the song, finding it, and then you try to sing it by yourself or with a singer. So, you learn to speak.
    By the way, it’s easier to pronounce many sounds with music, which are difficult to repeat sometimes without training.
  3. Speaking clubs and forums. It’s another good opportunity for your practice. Here is a plus in it that you communicate face to face with native speakers using interesting topics for you. You develop a spontaneous speech without preparing what to say to a person beforehand. This will help you to overcome a fear of speaking and making a mistake. No matter how many times you make a mistake, the most important to say your thought. Remember yourself, you’re ready to help everyone who tries to speak to you your native language.
  4. Friendship with native speakers. This is ideal for you. Because you have the opportunity to see people’s lives inside. Customs, their behavior, a modern life, cultural and human values. There are many things, which impossible to describe in a book. As they say better to see once, than hear a hundred times.
  5. Literature and history. Moreover, I’d like to mention reading of books. You can use the same method as for movies, for a start to read in your native language, and then in the source one, which you learn. There is an opportunity to find much adapted literature for language learners now. The same book you can read in different levels, from Beginner to Advanced.
  6. Cuisine. Visit places with a traditional national cuisine such as restaurants, cafes. They also will help you to get to know the country of the learning language.

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